Friday, September 05, 2003

fun back and forth with the columbia journalism review regarding their crappy article by David Greenberg, ably destroyed by Bob Somersby at the daily howler.

first my post to them, then their reply. enjoy.

On Fri, 5 Sep 2003 wrote:

> i would assume, after reading
> 's quite vicious and entirely accurate
> take down of Mr. Greenberg's article regarding lies and journalism,
> that you might either want to a) issue a retraction (given the
> vacuousness and inaccuracy of greenberg's work) or b) hang your heads
> in shame. either way, a sad day for journalism when even CJR can't
> come within 100 miles of intelligent analysis of the most important
> issue of our day.
> i am both a creator and consumer of media, and i have finally managed
> to start reading articles as mendacious and absurd as greenberg's (and
> i will not bother to enumerate the list of mistakes and shoddy
> analysis contained therein, Mr. Somersby does that more than well
> enough) while seeing their emptiness as i read, rather than having
> that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach afterwards. I tend to
> assume (partially based, i admit, on Stanley Rothman's rather
> tendentious survey from 1980 that started this whole thing) that many
> on the board of CJR are in fact Democrats, maybe even (the love that
> dare not speak its name) liberals. Your slavish devotion to
> "fairness" has led to a weird and sick kind of self-hatred that is all
> too perfectly crystallized in greenberg's piece. you should all take
> a nice long weekend in the Hamptons to think about what has gone wrong
> both with journalism in this country and with your own work.
> best,
> Robert Green

Hi Mr. Green. Jeez, you're a self-important kind of guy, aren't you? And a little pretentious? I'm actually going to a ball game. bye.

Mike Hoyt, CJR

Well, they got me good.
Music, ripping, burning and so on, is today's topic. there is an excellent thread over at ATrios on this issue today, but i have a slightly different take. i, like many others, have managed to digitize my entire CD collection. I have approximately 12,000 songs now on my hard drive. I don't share them, a bit because i'm not comfortable with file sharing on that scale and also for security reasons. However, my 40 gigs worth of music, carefully filed and tagged, is easily, in less than a half hour, transferred to a 40 or 60 or whatever gig hard drive via either firewire or USB 2.0. All someone has to do is spend around 120 dollars for the drive, come over, copy the music, and "hey presto" they now are the proud owner of over a thousand CDs worth of music. As the memory technology gets increasingly cheaper and easier and better, i think THIS is the area where the record companies are screwed. people will just exchange memory sticks that will be credit card sized and hold a terabyte and cost probably 30 bucks, all within 10 years or less.