Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organic food is better for your children.

but that's not really a surprise. what is a surprise from that article is how quickly you can get horrible chemicals out of your children's systems--as little as 5 days!

anyway, another reason to start thinking organic. now the question remains: how can organic food become as available and abundant for those less well off as for those fortunate enough to be able to afford whole walletfoods?

it reminds me of the introduction of airbags into the US marketplace--first only people who could afford fancy cars (mercedes, IIRC) were able to have this life-saving device. in fact, lee iacocca swore they would never catch on, by which he meant "i can still sell crappy unsafe cars to my american customers."

it took 10 years before airbags became legally mandated. i'd like to see organic methods become legally mandated as well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

from the american prospect (via the poorman) comes the following fun facts and comments of american talibanical fascist vermin mike "nice lunatic" huckabee:

3. Huckabee Compares America to Nazi Germany

In a speech to the Florida Renewal Project Monday night, which in an unprecedented move was live streamed on the American Family Association's Web site, Huckabee compared America to Nazi Germany. He first implored the audience to renew their "commitment to Christ" and "to our nation, to its heritage, as well as to its future," adding "do we expect the seculars [sic] to do it? Do we expect the unbelievers to lead us, and if so, how will they lead us and where?" He then engaged in an extended description of his visit to the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem with his 11- year-old daughter, who asked, "why didn't somebody do something?" Huckabee, who has called abortion a "holocaust," then issued a dire warning:

... I pray that no father ever stands over the shoulder of his own daughter and after her witnessing the decline and the fall of a great nation, writes, and sees her write these words, "why didn't somebody do something?" You see, I believe the reason we're here is because we are the somebodies. And we're to do the something and if we don't, who will? And if we don't act now, when will it happen, and will it be too late? You leave this conference with this haunting question, and pray that no one would ever ask of you or of me, why didn't somebody do something.

You read that right. Huckabee thinks if the "seculars" are allowed to rule America, our country could suffer the same fate as Nazi Germany. A resounding insult all around from this "Christian leader."

4. Huckabee's Christian Constitution

Huckabee has been consistently cagey about answering questions about his views on biblical law and Christian Reconstructionism. In the Times this weekend, Oran Smith, a conservative Christian activist in South Carolina, portrayed Huckabee as "Houdini," but he really is more like Zelig, adapting his answers to particular audiences to satisfy his radical fans while assuaging his critics.

Huckabee has offered his view that the Bible prohibits marriage between people of the same gender, and hell, between humans and animals, and hence the Constitution should be clear on that point, too. He slaps his opponents around for their lack of support for a federal marriage amendment and a human life amendment. Many supporters of a human life amendment believe that birth control pills cause abortions, and therefore should be outlawed under such an amendment. In a meeting with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register last year, Huckabee sidestepped answering the question directly but strongly suggested he thinks at least certain types of birth control pills should made illegal. In his Renewal Project speech Monday night, on the eve of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Huckabee made yet another inappropriate and insulting comparison, maintaining that overturning Roe is "not good enough," and that letting the states "handle something that is a moral issue is the logic of the civil war."

given how often "secularists" (whatever the hell that mean) are accused of having some sort of specifically "anti-religious" agenda, i would like to throw one out there:

i propose the following:
  1. those bastards have to start paying taxes. period.
  2. no more blue laws--they should be unconstitutional.
  3. hammer the living fuck out of any preacher who ever says anything about politics. they should never be allowed to preach again.
  4. absolutely no religious schools of any sort should be allowed, and there should be an even greater attempt to stamp out any religious influence in public school.
  5. no allowance for religions such as lubavitch "judaism" or mennonites and so on to separate themselves from their surrounding societies.
  6. all televangelists to be non-profit, and to be audited on an ongoing basis. any televangelists who make any money in excess of a living wage (set at the same level as the local living wage and not a penny more.
  7. all religions must open their "spiritual" books to the scrutiny of neutral scholars, and must be put on the internet for the perusal of all at any time. no more bullshit secrets.
  8. no special privileges for any prelates or officers of any religion. they must be treated like regular citizens, not like doctors or lawyers. or people who actually deserve respect, like janitors or laborers.
  9. US to become an asylum for anyone trying to escape religious persecution anywhere in the world.
i'm sure i can think of more, or feel free to e-mail some other ideas of your own. given how often we are being told on right-wing and evangelical websites that there is a "war" coming, it's time for our side to actually give a shit.

also, as usual, where is the ADL when this creep uses the holocaust in such a perverse matter? nowhere, of course, because huckabee may be psychotic but at least he's pro-israel!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

jill in the washington post, with a very good gallery as well.
the most conservative, which is to say the least fascist thing you could possibly ever do would be to go purchase this book: it's funny because it's funny, and it's funny because it's (not) true.

the poorman regularly delivers some of the best commentary on the web IMHO, so check it. they seem to be back to blogging.