Friday, April 21, 2006

Bush, Hu Produce Summit of Symbols

so, 'splain me this: how is it that a woman speaking her mind to a foreign leader has broken the law in our country? and how, when explaining to a fascist like Hu Jintao the freedoms which define western democracy, are we getting that point across? i mean, Hu watches all this and thinks--"yeah, they toss their uppity protesters in jail too! Totally wicked awesome".

then he reminds bush that he has some of our debt in his attic, and would we like it back? and bush says thanks but no, would you mind keeping it? and hu says, welllllll, if you are really nice to me and stop lecturing me about stuff that you don't even do yourself, and then bush says ok please don't hurt me i'll lay down here and just be quiet.

and the future of democracy looks bright! gotta wear shades!!!!!

Nepalese dissident blog. the world is an amazing place, n'est-ce pas?
Independent Online Edition > Asia

it goes without saying, but let it be said anyway--the Nepalese deserve Democracy and freedom as much as anyone else. i hope they can overcome an instransigent king who likes to use religion and violence to support his rule and come out on the other side with few martyrs and many heroes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blog my wife. Please!

controversy doesn't rage so much as bubble around the net. Exhibit Review: Jill Greenberg's Politically Charged End Times
Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: Jill Greenberg is a Sick Woman Who Should Be Arrested and Charged With Child Abuse
Jill Greenberg
Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads: Jill Greenberg: "End Times" Indeed
American Photo: Podcast Interview With Jill Greenberg

all in reference to this show at this gallery. please join us on saturday if you are in the LA area for the opening.
Rolling Stone : The Worst President in History?

let me join the giant chorus linking to the above, a very nice piece by sean wilentz positing...well, you can probably guess.

that's right. chester a. arthur, worst president ever.

Monday, April 17, 2006

this story should make your head explode, unless you hate everything good about our country. secret trials and testimony, no habeaus corpus, people held in jail after they have been found innocent of the non-charges against them--it has it all, and so much more than even King George the Third could have thought of in his wildest dreams.

but it's here, and now. it makes me ashamed to be an american, more than almost anything else about the past 5 years.

precis version:

the uighurs, ironically, are favorites of conservatives and neo-cons alike, as they fight the chinese gov't in NW china. their cause has been taken up by right-wing republican lawyers, real top people as well.

their plight is so much more awful then can be believed--they have been declared something twice. first they were declared "enemy combatents" then, rather pathetically, "non-anti americans". of course, neither judgment was based on real law in a real courtroom, just kangaroo bullshit. but one thing is clear--they are utterly totally completely innocent of any fucking charges against them. all of them. they are innocent. and they rot in jail. think about that for a minute then weep for our fucking country.

that's my comment at digby's house.