Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Corner on National Review Online#091836

hey tim graham of the corner at National Review--

I've seen Crash, but not Hustle and Flow, but doesn't it seem there's great disagreement between Terence Howard's roles? In one, he's a slick Hollywood producer, disappointed that white boss Tony Danza makes him dumb down the black character in his sitcom.

well, if by "producer" you mean "director" and if by "slick" you mean "not as slick as his cohorts" then you...well, then you are still an idiot. just an accurate one.

i'm thinking of generating a quick opinion about something about which i know naught, but don't worry--i'll get my facts wrong.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Attytood: Good night and get lost! Chris Matthews exhumes McCarthy

A fine article by the always excellent Will Bunch about The Horror That is Chris Matthews.

but i wanted to highlight this excellent comment by "pope Ratzo"

So what if there were communists in the US in the '50s? Haven't we realized by now that the entire atmosphere of fear that was created during the Cold War was just as phoney as the fear of "terrorists" is today?

It's the shrieking of morons like Matthews that's created all the fear that keeps people like George Bush in power, and might have propelled McCarthy into the White House if it hadn't been for a few newsmen with balls like Murrow.

More people die from toenail fungus in this country than terrorism, yet we've shredded our Constitution, sunk our economy, spent our future on a useless war, and given our country to psychopaths like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. All because of a fear of something that's not real.

Yes, terrorists brought down the WTC on 9/11. No it was not the end of the world, any more than Pearl Harbor. But in 1941 there was a MAN in the White House who exhorted us to DENY FEAR instead of a weasel who cries "Yellow Alert" and wants us sheiking in our boots.

I live a few blocks away from the tallest building in the world. If it comes down, it'll land on my rose bushes. It's up to us to not be cowed by the fearmongers.

Posted by: Pope Ratzo at March 7, 2006 05:05 PM

exactly, dude. exactly.
NewsHog: ABC And The IED's From Iran That Were Made In The UK

so imagine the most ridiculous over-the-top possible way that deadly technology, the kind that is killing our soldiers, would have made it to Iraq. whatever your guess is, you haven't gone to far enough into crazyville. cuz right downtown there is a world where British special services fucks up a sting operation with the IRA, a sting operation that exposes new quality infrared triggered bombs to the IRA. well, would you believe they sold that tech (the IRA) to other terrorist orgs, and that it ended up in Iraq, where it is killing british and american troops?

Of course. of course that is what happened.