Saturday, November 22, 2003

From Philip Green, Sunday, Nov. 22nd.

Here are a few quotations from WRESTLING WITH ZION (posted by Philip Green, Nov. 19th).

From the philosopher Martin Buber, 1939: "And our attitude toward the Arabs? Almost all of us knew how to distinguish between the terrorists and the Arab people. But there's no hope that the Arabs will be able to distinguish between our thugs and the Jewish people, for very long. And then how shall we arrive at an understanding with the Arabs?"

From Hannah Arendt, 1945: "...the Zionists, if they continue to ignore the Mediterranean people and watch out only for the big, far-away powers, will appear only as their tools, the agents of foreign and hostile interests. Jews who know their own history should be aware that such a state of affairs will inevitably lead to a new wave of Jew-hatred."

From an interview with Gen. Moshe Dayan in the New York Times, after the 6-Day War:

Q: An it is necessary in your opinion to maintain this as a Jewish state and purely a Jewish state?

A: (Gen. Dayan) Absolutely--absolutely. We want a Jewish state like the French have a French state.

Too bad he didn't get one. That's a well-known Zionist comparison, and a well-known lie. In the French state, anyone can be a citizen, and all citizens have equal legal and political rights. Not so in Israel.

In today's New York Times (Sunday Nov. 22), Edward Rothstein expresses puzzlement that Jews from Martin Buber to Tony Judt today, as well as a growing number of Israelis, support the idea of a bi-national state. Why, he asks, isn't any other ethno-religious state asked to give up its identity? Funny he should ask. With the exception of Serbia (not an analogy that should make any Zionist happy!), no other nationalism in modern history, religious or otherwise--not Islamic in India/Pakistan, or Polish, or Croatian, or Bosnian, or Quebecois, or Basque, or Slovenian, or even Irish--has proceeded by demanding a nation inhabited almost entirely (90% in 1946) by other people! and then procured the nation by expelling most of them--what was euphemistically called "population transfers" in 1948, but is now known by its more honest title of "ethnic cleansing." Only American propagandists for Israel, what Tony Judt calls "useful idiots," don't know this (or pretend not to). Some say--this is so vile one doesn't even want to name names--that the Palestinians left "voluntarily" in 1948. Right, they so much would rather have lived in refugee camps than on their own lands. There may by now be no viable solution to the tragedy of Palestine, but intellectually the one viable solution is always to tell the truth, and not to lie.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

hey everybody--look at that---a blog from the man himself!

well, back to my crap...

Thomas Powers is an erudite man, one who constructs sentences with near-surgical precision. I'm not so much like that. i will break down his extraordinary article in the NY Review of books as follows:

a) a specific case was made to go to war, with specific claims that are verifiable
b) none of those claims have been verified. zero. zilch. nada.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

For everyone whose fed-up with the Sharon-Bush axis, this should be interest:


Progressive Jewish-American Responses
to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Edited and with an Introduction by

Amid the clamor of contesting viewpoints surrounding the Mideast conflict,
one perspective has been under-represented and even silenced in the debate-
that of the substantial part of the Jewish-American community that is
identifiably progressive in its politics and highly critical of the actions
and policies of both the Israeli government and the current administration in
Washington. Wrestling with Zion gathers together for the first time in one
volume some of the most powerful and eloquent voices of Jewish-American
dissent, protest, and critical inquiry: more than 50 poets, essayists,
journalists, activists, academics, and playwrights who hope to help liberate
American voices of negotiation for an end of the occupation, for justice, and
for peace and security for both Palestinians and Israelis.

CONTRIBUTORS: Seth Ackerman, Ammiel Alcalay, Joel Beinin, Phyllis Bennis,
Daniel Boyarin, Jonathan Boyarin, Naomi Braine, E.M. Broner, Judith Butler,
Blanche Wiesen Cook, Marc H. Ellis, Marcia Falk, Steven Feuerstein, Jonathan
Safran Foer, Marcia Freedman, Richard Goldstein, Philip Green, Marilyn
Hacker, Susannah Heschel, Esther Kaplan, Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Naomi
Klein, Irena Klepfisz, Joel Kovel, Tony Kushner, Brad Lander & Meg Barnette,
Daniel Lazare, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Robert Jay Lifton, Rabbi Ellen Lippmann,
Michael Massing, Arthur Miller, Aurora Levins Morales, Marilyn Kleinberg
Neimark, Grace Paley, Marge Piercy, Robert Pinsky, Mitchell Plitnick, Letty
Cottin Pogrebin, Adrienne Rich, Sara Roy, Douglas Rushkoff, Grace Schulman,
Ruth Knafo Setton, Ella Shohat, Henry Siegman, Alisa Solomon, Susan Sontag,
Michael E. Staub, Lynne Tillman, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, C.K. Williams, Ellen
Willis, Daniel Wolfe

Wrestling with Zion Grove Press ISBN: 0-8021-4015-7 $12.95 379 pages