Friday, March 03, 2006


this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. sheer amazement. see as iranian students dutifully take notes about the "proof" that tom and jerry was all about getting the jews image better.

what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Monday, February 27, 2006

gothamimage makes a great point in the comments, and though it is lonely there, that isn't a reason to not highlight!

what, and who, is "Dubai"? and not in a jonah-goldberg-i-didn't-do-a-google-search kind of way, i mean really, following up on gotham--when GWB says "Dubai" and "Arab" in this context let's be really clear; he mean those arabs with whom one can do business. like the sheikhs. he doesn't mean the population of Dubai, who after all have NOTHING to do with this deal. he means the cronies who were installed at the head of a jury-rigged kleptocracy 80 years ago.

so next time you are wondering if being against the port deal might indeed make you a racist, just remember--the worst it does is make you anti-kleptocrat. and being a kleptocracist isn't that bad a thing.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Following is the ending to an otherwise superb Charles Pierce piece
at The American Prospect:

It constantly eludes me why what should be the most aggressive, most skeptical, and most irascible press corps in the world seems so ready always to turtle up. There isn't even a practical reason to believe that Dick Cheney looked into the soulful jowls of Brit Hume and found his troubled inner soldier there.

What's he going to do if you don't write stuff like this? Shoot you?

Forget I said that.

OK, charles seems to get a lot about what is wrong with the washington press core (and with joe klein as a representative thereof) with razor sharpness. but then, at the end, just like Lindsay Jacobellis, he stumbles.

The answer to charles' question? really, i have to tell anyone? money, power and fucking, and the confluence of the three. that's why joe klein is like he is. that is why the washington press core eats whatever shit is handed to them these days.

someone figured it out: pays these fucks enough money and we can co-opt them completely! and lo, media deregulation happened, and the news sector became the entertainment sector, and instead of having to co-opt with some sort of "reason" (like in the days of James REston, say, where you agreed that communism was bad over a bottle of scotch and he then changed his copy), you just get the fuckers paid. fat coin. 50 million here, 500k there, whatever. money. oh, and you get them laid. with hot girls/boys. and a nice house in cleveland park or georgetown or wherever.


funny thing, that's what the bush people do best: corporate cronyism. that will cost all of us ten trillion or so dollars when all is said and done. the greatest shift of human wealth in history. the pundit class is, relatively speaking, kind of cheap. a 10 dollar hooker.

mediawhoresonline, how i miss you.