Saturday, August 23, 2003

So, remember when you were around, say, 16? And it seemed like little old middle class you was NEVER going to get a date with mary fingerpants, because the other guys had cars already and nicer houses and flash clothing and so on? But you finally worked up your nerve to ask Mary out, and to your surprise, she kind of liked you enough to say, "sure why not?"

so you racked your brain for what you could do with basically no money and no car...maybe hang out downtown and go to a movie? Mary, piqued by your dashing good looks, figured, "why not?" so it was a date. Friday night. Come Thursday, you got nervous (perhaps partially motivated by all your...level, shall we say, of friends, saying "is she really going out with him?"), and happened to chat with her again. "Are we still on?", you asked pensively... and again, Mary was completely on board. "It will be great, i'm so looking forward to it..."

Life seemed good, if only for a minute.

But then Friday rolled around, and Jimmy Testojockorich had tickets, wouldn't you know it, to the Rolling Stones concert! That night! At the _____ Civic Center! And he asked Mary to go with him! maybe 25 rows back, not dead center or anything, and yeah, sure, the STones at this point hadn't recorded a non shitty song in let's say 15 years at that point. But Mary came to you that afternoon and, all sweet and lovely, said "look, it's THE ROLLING STONES! You have to understand! And hey, we can still go out next week, unless i'm really really busy or something...and anyway, here are some extra tickets I have for a show at the movie theater, you totally take them"

and pussy that you were, what did you do? You said, "oh sure that's ok, i totally understand." Your friends were unsurprised, to put it mildly, but happy to have you for another night of smoking weed and wishing you were getting laid.

This scenario played out in almost perfect symmetry this week on a movie i was about to produce. It was going to shoot in September, but a certain actor who will remain nameless (you know who you are) decided to, in spite of HAVING A CONTRACT with us, choose another movie for the same date.

whatever, we will shoot in january. Mary, you will be mine.

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