Monday, September 29, 2003

Fun with the NY Times part 74:

the Sunday edition lead photo was of a bunch of Iraqi children being taught football, American-style, by our troops in Iraq. Yes, i can just see the day when Ahmed and Yousef get the thousand dollars necessary for their helmet/shoulder pads/knee pads, not to mention goalposts etc. oh, and steroids, they will need those too. of course, it shouldn't surprise anyone to note that Iraqi children DO love football, only the kind where are you need is a ball and a flat area, i.e. soccer. And in fact, the MLS did give Iraqi kids a ton of balls/goals/shoes etc., to their credit. but there is something so quintessentially empire-ish about that photo--you know, bringing cricket to the natives and all that...

Also, a question about the Victoria Plame/Wilson affair, best followed here via Josh Marshall: is it true, as some have alleged, that in being "outed" as she was, her network has been "rolled up"? (that means killed in spookspeak)

because if so, rove or whomever did this--but it has to be rove--has blood on his hands and should be spending 10 years in jail, which is in fact the maximum punishment possible for publicly naming a CIA officer.

scum, all of them.

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