Friday, September 12, 2003

so this morning on NPR i hear some woman who is a honcho in the republican party here in California continually (or continuously, or quite possibly both) refer to the "democrat" party without rebuke from the reporter. How can a professional reporter let this wack-job right-wing Rush limbaugh renaming of one of the TWO major parties in our country go unchallenged? for those who don't know, far right elements of the republican party feel that called the Democrats the "Democratic" party is a bridge too far, and that they should be known as the "Democrat" party.

I have never suggested that the Republican party be called, for instance, the "no talent ass clown" party, or "Antonin Scalia's bitches", or the "2nd in votes, 1st in gerrymandering" party etc.

not me, nope.

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