Friday, September 19, 2003

Watching NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS is disturbing. To see what an actual alert and forthright left-wing press could be on TV--it is more than a breath of fresh air. How it is possible that no one from neither MSNBC nor CNN can see the obvious market to be cornered truly boggles. This is a case where the corporatist and rightist meme is SO STRONG that it actually overcomes the capitalist one. I can't think of many other places in our society where this can be said. Instead one right wing voice after another is added to the former (and watching JEsse Ventura on Bill Maher, one know-nothing voice after another) and the latter goes for "personality" TV with second rate and soft anchors. There is a desperate desire for a true left wing voice on tv, one that is unabashed in its pursuit of its agenda, as dogged as Fox but without the palaver about being "fair and balanced." I could even forgive Fox TV some of its dissembling if they just would ADMIT that this is right-wing TV, all the time. Then you would know that honest voices were being heard, even if you didn't necessarily agree with them. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, ROGER FUCKING AILES RUNS THE NETWORK!!!! surely it would be not overly difficult for him to stop lying for the seconds long enough to say, "Yeah we are the right now get over it". But he just can't admit it, just can't tell the truth. A strong left wing voice, presenting facts like Moyers was tonight, tough but fair (and almost literally eviscerating ex-non-jellyfish Christine Whitman, wow what a devastating presentation) that can make OUR arguments is absolutely priceless. Our voices need, require, such a thing to happen.

so i'm off to make 200 million or so and to make it happen. wish me luck.

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