Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rolling Stone : God's Senator

Just to be clear--it isn't only muslim fundamentalists who are utterly batshit crazy. sens coburn of ok and brownback (as this article makes clear) are loony. full of hate for their fellow man. soaked in contradiction that they clearly aren't smart enough to absorb and deal with. utterly religious, and unable to incorporate new ideas into their orthodoxy.

welcome to the future as long as we secularists are unwilling to fight harder and meaner for what we believe.

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  1. Hey Robert, you're making a lot of sense over here.

    It's frustrating right now I'm sure to feel like a lonely voice on the left, but you lay it all out there so brilliantly, you are sure to make great progress with anyone who is willing to engage the issue. I have a feeling this cartoon business is waking a lot of people up.

    Good luck spreading the word.