Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i'm not going to agree with the sydney herald on this one--what was hiddink thinking not putting in more offense after italy went down a man? the aussies deserved to lose.

but the message is one i'd like to send out to andrew peterson.


  1. anonymous and john hancock are giving you shit, rob... it's like the invisible man calling you ugly, only you could throw paint at him and punch him, or wait for a rainy day to fight him or...anyway...for all who listen: Jill Greenberg is a fantastic artist, a primo human being, and an exceptional mother. There, I said it...... now get me an agent.

  2. working on it johnny, working on it. yeah, lots of anonymous people with lots to say, hiding behind that veil of anonymity. still, the photos are selling like crazy, jill's working non-stop and andrew peterson is still a financial advisor with delusions of photographic grandeur. so life ain't all bad.

    and hey, unlike "thomas hawk", i actually have two children. this "hawk" character (please note literal use of that last word) has none. or maybe some fictional ones, as a fictional character probably can have fictional children.

  3. it's all a matter of perspective. IMHO this hawk fellow is way off criticizing an artist in an area (i.e. kids) he obviously knows nada about. you know how many children are crying in iraq because bush is dropping fucking bombs on their little heads?! go bitch about that,...eh... bitch.

  4. Anonymous1:26 PM

    All I can say is that Mr. Peterson's criticism proves that he probably has no children, because if he did, he wouldn't find this work so offensive since toddlers will bawl their eyes out of essentially nothing (the lollipop, for instance.) He also displays his ignorance over the art of photography, and what can be done in a dark room or with a camera.

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    naDCKf write more, thanks.