Monday, August 21, 2006


i suppose, given that i do actually get the occasional visitor here at the blog, i should disclose the following: for the first time in my career, i was on page one* of both the trades (for the uninitiated, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety) for the sale of "The Boys from Brazil" remake with Brett Ratner attached to direct and he and his partner to produce, with me. i'll link the articles when i have them linkable.

*by page one what i mean is page nine. you see, it read, in variety, "and to be produced by" and that was it, off to page nine for my name. somewhere a copy editor hates me and is laughing. we'll see who laughs last, bub!

here's Variety:

Posted: Wed., Aug. 9, 2006, 10:00pm PT

Ratner takes trip to Brazil
'Rush Hour' director will helm remake for New Line


Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner will direct a contemporized remake of 1978 thriller "The Boys From Brazil" for New Line, which has finalized a seven-figure rights package for the property.

Richard Potter and Matthew Stravitz will write the script.

The rights and scribes were part of an auction that came down to New Line and Universal. Outcome was shaped when New Line-based Ratner agreed to make the movie.

Granada Films held the rights for the original film, which it acquired when buying the ITC library. "The Boys From Brazil" will be produced by Rob Green of Granada, along with Rat Entertainment partners Ratner and Jay Stern.

Based on the Ira Levin novel, the original "The Boys From Brazil" fit the mode of 1970s paranoid thrillers, with Laurence Olivier uncovering a diabolical plot by Nazis in South America to revive the Third Reich through the use of cloning. Gregory Peck played Dr. Josef Mengele, the plot's mastermind.

The writers pitched a take that sticks close to Levin's novel but sets the action in the present day.

"The original was a flawed film with a brilliant concept," Ratner said. "You no longer have to spend time explaining cloning as you did then."

The hope is Ratner will make "Boys" his follow-up to "Rush Hour 3," which New Line puts into production in late September for an Aug. 10, 2007, release.

Deal is the second for the writers since they teamed a year ago. They're working on an untitled supernatural thriller they sold to Warner Bros. and Mosaic.

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  1. haha, i beat you to the punch name was on page four when I lost my variety virginity in april for the announcement of wicked city. and all without a manager!