Wednesday, September 06, 2006

jill on the bbc.

a note to john kay, who sort of works for the same company i do: are you totally useless, or just on this story? quoting 8 year olds? some random woman at some random "special needs" day care? who is she? what is her qualification to aver that taking a lollipop from a child will cause permanent damage? given that her opinion is so patently absurd, could you supply the evidence from a study that agrees with that opinion? no? there is no study to support that supposition? so you just literally pulled someone's opinion out of your/their collective ass? well, i thought the 8 year old who thought jill's work was "Cool" balanced this very well.


pathetic. and the bbc puts this tripe on uncritically. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. whatever.

but i do like the radiohead music! very portentous!

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  1. I actually saw this live last night and was amazed. I covered your story on my blog like two months ago or something, and now the Beeb have finally caught up they had to quote random "children's charity" workers to make it sound as if something new had happened.

    I agree it was a sloppy story. What I did like though was that they followed the interview with the random children's charity worker with Jill saying that talk of "child abuse" was "minimizing" real child abuse; a valid point and one I made myself.