Monday, October 23, 2006

Another way to put it would be that Shrub has finally, at long last, completed the process of failing upwards.

billmon. getting it so precisely right it hurtz. doesn't even need a link, that one. on the leftblogosphere, we have billmon and glenn greenwald, two true geniuses, plus the excellence of josh marshall's reporting and kos's agitating and coordinating. on the right?

of course, there is always CEO of some world dominating Halliburton company as bush's next job, and he could fuck that up pretty badly if his past business history is anything to go by. and FSM help baseball if Bush becomes commissioner.

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  1. I think the wisest of them all is Dennis Perrin. His blog is wide ranging, but when he gets a hold of the ball, he hits it outta the park.

    I have a link to him in my blogroll.