Thursday, February 28, 2008

Canada's Toxic Sands: The Most Destructive Project on Earth

O! Canada!


tar sands oil from western canada--tied with monstrous new coal plants in china for the coveted "world's most devastatingly deadly idea" trophy.

canadians are just as bad as americans when it comes to lacking forward-thinking leadership, and this cements that fact.


  1. The horror.

    Just another reason for Quebec to separate.

  2. Meghan7:58 AM

    Hey! Some of us Canucks are making environmental adjustments... not enough at the moment, but it seems to be sinking in here... let's hope that in this case slow and steady DOES win the race...

    Actually, Michael has a high-end apartment renovation (West Van, waterfront) that he is attempting to be as green as possible on... it adds about 30% to the job which is, as we all know, difficult for anyone other than $$ to handle. Problem is the industry doesn't support him in this effort yet - it is extremely difficult to get his hands on recycled or green materials, etc. He's doing it though...

  3. meghan, that's awesome. but anything anyone canadian does to mitigate environmental impact will be destroyed by the oil sands project. and of course it's us americans who want that oil.

    it's a problem.