Monday, September 01, 2008

I know much of what follows may seem hard to believe, but links provided are all genuine.

SARAH PALIN IS NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY. She consorts with far right fringe groups. She lies about her public life. She lies about her personal life. This combination is far too risky for our country in these uncertain times.

There are dangerous forces at work trying to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. There are groups actively working to break up the United States, fringe groups that make it their mission to infiltrate major parties and break this great country into pieces.

And the Republican candidate for vice president supports these groups. The specific group is the ALASKAN INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

As GOVERNOR OF ALASKA, she stated that she was “proud of the contributions they made” to state politics. Their platform includes the hope that they create an independent Alaska, one that could hold the rest of the US hostage to their oil hegemony.

SARAH PALIN, who didn’t even follow the war in Iraq until 2006 - and didn’t even have an OPINION about a cause our SOLDIERS FIGHT AND DIE FOR – is not qualified to lead our country.

SHE LIED about opposing the “Bridge to Nowhere,” and took the pork barrel money anyway.

SHE LIED about being a tax cutter as mayor of her hometown, as she raised the sales tax often.

SHE THINKS NOTHING OF CALLING OTHER WOMEN IN POLITICS “BITCH” and was party to making fun of another women’s breast cancer (LINK CONTAINS THE AUDIO, AND IT IS UGLY)

SHE LIED about using her political office to exact revenge on her former brother-in-law.

Do not succumb to the temptation to think that criticism of Governor Palin is anti-feminist. To choose such a manifestly unprepared and unworthy candidate for the possibility of serving in the highest office in the land shows John McCain understands nothing about women’s rights, or the struggles many of our own mothers went through to overcome every obstacle put in their way. Instead, he insults women with a move born of tokenism and desperation.


  1. fringe groups that make it their mission to infiltrate major parties [insert link]

    Um, you might want to replace that reminder with the actual link you had in mind.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    What a load of crap. Gov. Palin is the real deal. She has more executive experience and integrity than Obama could ever hope to have!

    The RADICAL Left is in a frenzy because they can't fight her record. They have to INVENT lies to spread about her. My god, they are worse than rabid dogs!

  3. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Attack Dog? - I'm just waiting to see what Hillary has to say.

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Why are Republicans so divisive? Why is their platform based on fear? Why do they continue to blatantly lie about issues in an effort to scare the under informed? Who in their right mind thinks that the wonderful United States that we live in is better now than it was 8 years ago? And why would you choose to continue along those lines, just to support your party?

    Oh I almost forgot. Gov. Palin is not unqualified because of her (seemingly) poor parenting skills, she is unqualified because she is completely out of touch with the world that we currently live in.

  5. Watching GOP hacks magically morphing into feminists has been one of the comic high-points of the whole campaign.

    You also could've mentioned LYING about selling that jet on eBay, & LYING about making money on the deal. Or LYING about Obama not passing any laws while in the Senate.

    America's already bought itself 2 heaping helpings of snake-oil ... & I suspect "3rd time's the charm" does not apply in this case.

  6. wow. Anonymous One - read about this woman's history, and think about what it would be like if she were running YOUR PTSA or your office or your condominium board. The cronyism, the personal vindictiveness, the duplicity.

    Your life would be hell with her in charge, even of something very localized for you. Now expand that to our nation.

    You may be Republican. Fine. But at least choose a competent and experienced leader to advance what you believe in, instead of some calculated figurehead who was chosen for her image instead of her competency.