Friday, March 31, 2006

contemplating london at 5 AM

this city for me is all about the architecture. i can just walk and walk. it's a reminder of LA's great weakness--the spread out nature of it makes it impossible to get a feel for a neighborhood's look. but we all kmow that in LA--that's why the houses are where people dump their inspiration.

my life excitement is all about seeing spurs tomorrow at white hart lane. the more perspicacious among you may note that spurs in fact are playing in newcastle. this is true. i'm going to a stadium to watch a soccer game on a big screen.

i'm kind of a geek. at best.

there's a whole blogospher thing about Ned Lamont in CT running in a primary against lieberman. go to one of the superior sites adn you can learn more. me, i gave him 10 bucks just to keep up the green family's perfect record of supporting lost causes. be it henry wallace or fred harris or jesse jackson it doesn't matter--greens have worked for, donated to, marched on behalf of, what have you. and nothing. 0 for the building.

well, short of ambien it looks like i'm going to get to see the sun rise over this beautiful place. for a moment i don't have to think about the NTAC (no talent ass clown, obviously) and his NTAC funky posse who run our country, and i can feel a little bit of hope for once.

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