Sunday, April 02, 2006

the spectator (UK) and its insanely racist cover image.

maybe i'm being overly sensitive here. The Spectator is England's leading right wing magazine. they are huge fans of Condi Rice, i'm sure. but what the hell were they thinking putting out the cover of her that they did? i'ts a little hard to see on their site, but i'm in the UK and just saw the cover at a magazine stand. it manages to pack a real racist punch, with oversized lips etc. really disgusting.

of course, i want to make clear that i continue to loath sec. rice's works. i think she was a shamefully negligent NSA chief and will have to answer for that in posterity, o rmaybe when she actually runs for president. but that is purely on politics, and her race has absolutely nothing to do with it. this sort of thing is really beyond the pale. coming as it does from a reputable right-wing source makes it even more reprehensible. the editor of the spectator should be forced to resign.

it makes me sick the more i look at it.

if people can't see it, i suppose i can host the jpeg here but i just don't want to.

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